AbC-19™ Neutralising Antibody Rapid Test

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Fingerprick blood


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In each box:

  • 25 x AbC test cassettes
  • 25 x blood collection pipettes
  • 25 x lancets
  • 25 x individual buffer tubes
  • 1 x product insert
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Manufactured and Distributed from the UK

The AbC-19™️ COVID-19 Neutralising Antibody Professional Test

The AbC-19™️ Rapid Test is able to accurately confirm that IgG antibodies, to the full spike protein, have been produced from either an immune response to the vaccine or from recovery from a previous COVID-19 infection.

This COVID-19 IgG antibody rapid test is CE Marked for professional use only and can be delivered at the point of care, providing accurate results in 20 minutes.

This test does not test for current infection.

How does the AbC-19™️ test work?

The AbC-19 Rapid Test is a lateral flow test that detects specific neutralising antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2 virus with just a small finger prick of blood.

As it detects the presence of spike protein-specific neutralising antibodies, it identifies the antibodies generated by an immune response that either recovery from COVID-19 or the response that virtually all vaccines engender.

How accurate is the AbC-19™️ Neutralising Antibody Rapid Test?

The AbC-19™️ Rapid Test is proven to be effective at detecting IgG neutralising antibodies produced by your body in response to a previous COVID-19 infection or vaccination.

The AbC-19™️ test is proven to be 97.6% sensitive and has a clinical specificity of 99.6%.

Intended Use

The AbC-19™️ Neutralising Antibody Rapid Test has been designed to address the vital market need to determine the presence of antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19).

A solid testing regime can demonstrate whether patients have responded to vaccination in the right way or to prove a prior infection with SARS-CoV-2. In fact, certain European countries are using this testing regime to decide whether a person will receive a single dose vaccine rather than two.

It can also be used over a period of time to establish whether antibodies are still present.

This test is designed for professional use and to be administered at the point of care, by a trained healthcare professional.

Suitable for workplace testing, healthcare testing programmes, vaccination efficiency programmes, travel, events and education.


Item available in the UK and Europe only.

Additional information

Product Name

AbC-19™ Neutralising Antibody Rapid Test


98.03%, Specificity: 99.56%


CE marked for use by healthcare professionals

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